Laser Cutting Metal Services

H&S Manufacturing specializes in advanced metal laser cutting services for some of the most demanding applications. We’ve continually invested in advanced laser cutting technology, and we back our innovative manufacturing processes with strict adherence to ISO, Mil-Spec, and ITAR standards.

Learn more about the benefits and applications of our metal laser cutting services.

Components of Laser Cutting Metal Services

Metal laser cutters depend on the precise interaction of numerous engineered components, including:

  • Laser Source: As the central aspect of any laser-cutting device, the laser source is necessary to generate and amplify high-intensity light. Fiber and CO2 lasers are the most common types of laser sources, primarily used for metals and non-metals, respectively.
  • Optics and Focusing Lens: Mirrors, lenses, and other optical devices concentrate the light into a beam sufficient to cut through the substrate material. Optics direct the laser beam for precise control of the cutting point.
  • Worktable and Material Handling System: Precision cuts also depend on a stable work surface and reliable material handling. Advanced material handling systems are essential for consistent, even cuts.
  • CNC Controller: Computer numerical control (CNC) technology maximizes precision and reliability by controlling the laser cutter’s power, speed, and motion, according to the design file’s exact specifications.
  • Cooling System: Cooling is important to keep the laser from overheating, which could otherwise destabilize performance and damage the equipment. Cooling typically comes in the form of air or water.
  • Exhaust System: Metal laser cutting can generate noxious vapors and debris, especially during high-volume production. Therefore, it’s necessary to remove these contaminants and health risks by ventilating the area for safe working conditions.

Benefits of Laser Cutting Metal

For many applications, metal laser cutting services offer numerous advantages over alternative fabrication methods:

  • Unmatched Precision: CNC laser cutting achieves extremely accurate cuts, meeting ultra-tight tolerance windows and intricate design requirements.
  • Versatility: Metal laser cutting services are suitable for a variety of metals, ranging from heavy plates to thin metals. H&S Manufacturing is equipped to process steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals.
  • Clean Cuts: Laser cutting produces sharp, exceptionally clean edges free of burrs or heat distortion, negating the need for finishing services.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Expert laser cutting achieves much faster output and turnaround times while maintaining strict quality controls.
  • Scalability: Our metal laser cutting services are suitable for anything from single prototypes to large-scale production runs.
  • Design Freedom: Unlike traditional cutting techniques, laser cutters make extremely complex and detailed designs possible.

Applications of Laser Cutting Metal Services

Numerous industries depend on metal laser cutting services to meet rigorous industrial and commercial demands. Several applications that our expert laser cutting technicians and design engineers fulfill include:

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication: Precision-cut sheet metal is indispensable for components ranging from brackets and enclosures to chassis parts and electronics components.
  • Automotive Industry: Many engine, exhaust, and chassis/frame components require high-precision laser cutting to achieve an exact fit and proper function.
  • Aerospace and Defense: Metal laser cutting is often the only way to meet the advanced specifications of aerospace and military equipment. Aircraft parts, missile components, and satellite panels normally require durable lightweight materials, such as aluminum and titanium.

Laser Cutting Metal Services From H&S Manufacturing

H&S Manufacturing fulfills the most demanding laser cutting needs of these and other applications. We’ve equipped our world-class facilities with some of the most advanced laser-cutting equipment in the industry, backed by dedicated adherence to quality management standards. To learn more about our metal laser cutting services, please contact us or request a quote today.

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