Mechanical Assembly & Value Added Assembly

Streamline your product manufacturing process with value-added mechanical and electromechanical assembly services. It can be time-consuming and frustrating if your in-house staff doesn’t have the experience or additional work time to complete assembly work. Shipping parts from the manufacturer to another company for assembly and then back to your facility adds expense and the potential for bottlenecks. In contrast, choosing a manufacturer that can also assemble and validate your products or subassemblies consolidates effort and resources.

At H&S Manufacturing, we provide expert mechanical and electromechanical assembly and box building services that complement our custom machining, fabrication, laser cutting, and finishing capabilities.

Learn more about our value added assembly capabilities and the benefits of partnering with us for manufacturing and assembly.

What Is Mechanical Assembly?

Mechanical assembly is the process of putting components and parts together to create a finished product or subassembly. Some examples are:

  • Assembling the frame and panels of a powder-coated cabinet
  • Welding the subassembly components for a vehicle exhaust system
  • Bolting brackets in place on a racking system for computer equipment
  • And many more custom applications

Electromechanical Assembly and Box Build Services

Electromechanical assembly is the process of installing the hardware components for an electrical or electronic application. This can include enclosures, power supply equipment, fans, cable wiring and harnesses, brackets, chassis parts, PCBs, and circuit components. These product assembly services, also called box building, are common in computing, equipment testing, rack equipment, and other electrical and electronic device applications. Learn more here.

Design for Manufacturing Matters

Achieving a functional finished product is the ultimate goal, but efficient production and quality are also critical. To that end, our team takes a design for manufacturing approach with all of our work.

Design for manufacturing considers the accumulated effects of part design and specifications, manufacturing operations, and the assembly process on the finished product.

It includes:

  • Design intent, drawings, and digital modeling
  • Part geometry and complexity
  • Material properties
  • Dimensions and tolerances
  • Optimized manufacturing operations and processes
  • Prototyping and part validation
  • Bottlenecks in assembly steps and operations
  • Rates of error in fabrication or assembly
  • Potential points of failure in components and finished products

High-quality assembly requires accuracy and precision in manufacturing, excellent part fit up, and efficient joining and installation with fasteners, welding, or other methods.

Thoughtfully planned assemblies are also efficient to produce and contribute to a functional end product. That further benefits your customers and your bottom line.

Benefits of Mechanical Assembly Services

Partnering with an expert like H&S Manufacturing for mechanical assembly services has many benefits, including:

  • Efficiency: Comprehensive manufacturing and assembly under one roof means you and your customers receive finished products in less time, which helps you meet deadlines and speed time to market.
  • Cost-effectiveness: A dedicated vendor for both manufacturing and assembly streamlines production and saves on labor and shipping time. You’ll also maintain visibility into the production process and inventory for better decision making.
  • Access to expertise, skills, and equipment: Outsourced assembly work lets you create products with resources you don’t have in-house while reducing direct labor costs. You can also choose to strategically outsource certain assembly tasks to make the best use of internal staff time.
  • Scalability: We continually optimize manufacturing and assembly processes to stay organized and efficient. This makes it easier to ramp up or expand production quickly without compromising quality.
  • Quality control: Our close focus on the assembly process includes watching part quality and validation of completed products. This has a positive impact on your customers’ satisfaction and trust in your products.

Mechanical Assembly with H&S Manufacturing

Whether you are looking for a simple or complex assembly manufacturing solution, H&S Manufacturing is your one-stop source. Our capabilities include CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, and a range of secondary and finishing services including assembly. We manufacture parts for automotive, aerospace, military, government, medical, and other industries and are ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 certified, and ITAR compliant.

Contact us to learn more about our manufacturing and assembly capabilities, and request a quote to get started.

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