Precision Liquid Dispensing

H&S Manufacturing Company specializes in custom manufactured parts suitable for various industrial needs. From machining to testing to assembly and beyond, H&S has built a reputation for reliability and effectiveness. Of our many capabilities, we offer precision liquid dispensing for custom form in place (FIP) gaskets. Learn more about precision liquid dispensing, what it’s used for, and how H&S Manufacturing uses it to create high-quality FIP gaskets.


What Is Precision Liquid Dispensing?

From science labs to manufacturing lines, the ability to dispense minuscule amounts of liquid with little deviation or error is a critical function. Dispensing microliters or nanoliters of liquid is impossible to achieve with most pumps and flowmeters. These microfluidic applications require high-precision fluid dispensing equipment to do the job.


Precision liquid dispensing equipment and complimentary motion control techniques can dispense a liquid onto a substrate in an accurate, controlled, consistent, and repeatable manner. When this is accomplished, it simplifies duties like applying paints, coatings, or adhesives to surfaces, increasing productivity and overall production speed beyond what would be possible by hand or with less precise equipment.

Applications of Precision Liquid Dispensing

Numerous applications rely on precision liquid dispensing. Medical facilities, laboratories, chemical plants, factories, and more all make use of this technology due to its consistent, controllable, and effective results.


Specific applications include:


  • Manufacturing. Precision liquid dispensing techniques are used to apply paints and adhesives during various manufacturing procedures.
  • Electronics. Precision fluid dispensing is suitable for applying solder paste and coolants for electronics assembly and manufacturing.
  • Circuits. Precision fluid dispensing is used to dispense conductive ink with high accuracy to quickly draw custom circuits.
  • Solder mask. Precision liquid dispensing systems can be automated for use in solder mask applications.
  • Laboratories. Precision liquid dispensing can pipe tiny amounts of chemicals onto slides or into test tubes. Since this can be achieved with a low risk of error, it leads to more accurate test results.
  • Gaskets. Precision liquid dispensing offers an excellent solution for creating FIP gaskets. FIP gaskets are created by dispensing thick liquid directly onto a substrate to create a durable, strong seal.

Precision Liquid Dispensing from H&S Manufacturing

Precision liquid dispensing is a crucial aspect of various manufacturing, medical, scientific, and technological applications. This technique enables a much greater degree of precision and efficiency compared to older methods of liquid dispensing, improving the quality of an operation several times over. H&S Manufacturing creates high-quality FIP gaskets using precision liquid dispensing to suit the needs of various industries and applications. We offer fast production rates and can accurately dispense silicon-based materials for gaskets used in a variety of environments.


Our company is AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we strive for continuous improvement to ensure the highest quality products for our customers. We can achieve bead sizes as small as .030” x .030” for precision positioning onto a variety of substrates. For more information about our precision liquid dispensing capabilities, contact us today, or request a quote to get started on your next project.

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