Advantages of Form-in-Place Gaskets

Form-in-place (FIP) gaskets are produced using a form-in-place dispensing process. They were originally created for the automotive market as a less expensive alternative to gaskets made by die cutting, molding, or extrusion. However, due to various advancements in the manufacturing process over the years, they now find widespread use in many other markets, including aerospace, medical, military, and telecommunications. Compared to traditional gaskets, they offer numerous benefits.

Common Features of Form-in-Place Gaskets

Some of the advantages form-in-place gaskets have over die-cut, molded, and extruded gaskets include: 

  • Broader versatility. They can be used in a wide range of conditions and applications. 
  • Greater design freedom. They can be created in small or large sizes and with very intricate details. Additionally, they can be produced from a variety of materials to suit different sealing applications. 
  • Better performance. The form-in-place dispensing process allows for the manufacture of components that accommodate the need for elevation changes, uneven surfaces, and/or thin profiles. Additionally, the use of gasket shelf probing and other sensing technologies enables the production of FIP gaskets that can be used for less-than-perfect housings and as-cast metal shielding. 
  • Higher accuracy and precision. The FIP gasket-making process can be automated with robotic systems, which enables the manufacture of highly complex and intricate components with tight tolerances, regardless of the size of the production run. 
  • Lower inventory costs. Form in-place gaskets reduce the need for different shapes and sizes of gaskets to be kept in inventory. 

Choose Form-in-Place Gaskets From H&S Manufacturing

Form-in-place gaskets benefit end-users in a number of ways. For example:

  • They achieve 100% surface contact, resulting in uniform stress distribution and forming effective sealing barriers. 
  • They seal rough surfaces without risk of damage, reducing the need for machining. 
  • They eliminate the need for multiple pre-cut gasket shapes or fragile gasket components.
  • They withstand use in vibration-heavy environments. 
  • They do not carry a risk of long-term embrittlement or disintegration, meaning they are less likely to break or leak over extended use.
  • They do not require shimming or specialized tools to dismantle, making them easier to use and replace.
  • They do not relax or shrink over time, eliminating the need for retightening. 

Due to their numerous advantages and benefits, form-in-place gaskets are incorporated into a wide range of industrial and consumer products, such as computer chassis, racking, and test equipment. If you’re looking for quality Form-in-Place gaskets to use as EMI shielding in your next project, the experts at H&S Manufacturing are here to help. 

We utilize 3-axis robotic form-in-place dispensing equipment to make silicone-based EMI shielding gaskets for customers in the communications, electronics, energy, lighting, medical, military, and transportation industries. These components are suitable for use with metal, plastic, and plated substrates. They can be manufactured to a variety of industry specifications and standards, including AS9100, ANSI, ASTM, ITAR, Mil-spec, RoHS, and REACH. We can accommodate prototypes to production volumes. 

For additional information about our FIP gasket capabilities, contact us today. To discuss your EMI shielding gasket needs with one of our team members, request a quote.

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